Senin, 28 Agustus 2017

Importance and Health

Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well being and not merely the absence  of disease or infirmity. health is this a level of functional efficiency of living beings and a general conditional of a persons mind, body and spirit, meaning it is free from illness, injury and pain. it is a resource of everybody life and a positive concept emphasizing physical capabilities.

Good health is a secret of every happy man, there is an old saying, "health is wealth". staying healthy for children is vital for proper growth and development of mind and body as they need to focus in the class and fully participate in the activities on the field. parents must take their children for medical check-up and learn from expert about their development in terms of height  and weight, as it has a huge impact on their overall performance and efficiency. if you are strong and healthy, you can be a shining example to other and teach them how to achieve vibrant health

Good health is a matter of great concern, to maintain it, healthy living and a disciplined life is a must. one of the best ways is to drink plenty of water as it reduces the risk of heart attack, burns body fat and regulates our body temperature. we should sleep well as it relaxes our body and reduces stress. we need to have a balanced diet and go for long, brisk walks, our motto should be to keep our body clean in order to remain healthy. we must laugh more as laughing is a therapy and secret of good health. the Goverment should include integrated health programs into their public polities and control specific health problems


Chocolate us a food that is popular all over the world. it is made from the seeds of the cacao tree. it can be eated and also used a flavour in ice cream. candy and other foods, many people like the taste of chocolate and those who work hard eat it to give them energy

History of chocolate. chocolate originally came from mexico and central america. historical think that the Maya took the wild cacao trees the rain forest and planted them in their own gardens. the crushed the seed mixed them with water and species to make a hot drink.
chocolate and cacao were very important for the Mayan culture. families drank a hot chocolate drink at special occasions and at parties.

The Aztecs, a people who lived centuries later. used cacao beans as a from of money. they traded other valuable goods to get them because they didn't grow there. only the rich people had the money to buy cacao and drink hot chocolate
in the 16th century Spanish explorers brought cacao back to Europe, where the drink became popular Quickly, especially among kings, queens and noblemen. other European power  began to plant cacao trees in their own colonies.
During the industrial revolution new technologies were able to make the production of cacao cheaper, so that poorer people could also afford it, in the 19th century the beans were pressed together with butter and mixed with sugar into a new from , chocolate.

Today the biggest chocolate Producing countries are the united states, great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France
cacao trees grow in the tropical regions of south america, Africa and Asia. the biggest cacao bean producers are the ivory coast, Ghana, Indonesia and Brazil. the cacao tree can grow to a height of 7 meters. after about 5 years the cacao trees produce large fruits is ripe it can contain 20 to 40 seeds.

After the cacao seeds are harvested they are transported to factories, where they are cleaned and fried, the outer parts of the seeds are removed.
workers then roast the beans to give them a certain flavour. the seeds of the cacao beans have a lot of fat in them, they are Grinded and mixed together with butter to from cacao butter.

A dry powder can be made by pressing fat and water out of the cacao butter. this powder is used for backing and also mixed with hot milk to drink.
chocolate bars are made by putting sugar and milk into the cacao butter, this paste is then put into different kinds of moulds.
chocolate making is a big business. more than five billion dollars worth of cacao beans are sold every year. america, for example, eat five kilograms of chocolate every year.

Value of chocolate, chocolate has a lot of calories but it also has carbohydrates, fats, and other vitamins and minerals. it can give you a lot of energy that you need to do sports or hard work
scientists have found out that eating chocolate reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and cancer
There are also negative effects of chocolate. it can make you addicted and lead to obesity. chocolate in large amounts lead to tooth decay

Selasa, 22 Agustus 2017

Earth Quake

Earthquake is a natural calamity can occur anytime and anywhere on the earth surface, cause lots of disturbance of to the living beings and useful natural resources. if we think about earthquake, we also think that nothing is more destructive than this natural calamity.

Earthquake has its long devastating history from the ancient time all over the world however its monotonous regularity makes us more fearful. earth crust consists of several unfixed solid rock faces which more slowly bellow the surface under the range of millimeters to kilometers. the rate of movement increases with the hickness of plates. such huge moving plates get separated from other plates get separated from other plates and get out of their boundarles. earthquake occurs when such moving plates clash with each other and separate.

Sometime volcanos (located around edges of the pacific ocean, known as ring of fire) bursts and releases lots of lava, gas , etc which causes pressure and imbalance within the earth surface and produces earthquake waves in the surrouding areas. thus, volcanic activity within the earth surface is one of the reasons for earth quakes. faults created by volcanic activity are filled up by the strong earth surface  movement which causes tremor. everyone should take care of them when earthquake occurs by following some precautions like :

- People should stay calm and stay inside or outside the door but away windows, building and power lines.
- They should stand against the wall near to the center of building, at doorway and crawl under some heavy furnitures like a desk or table.
- Never use flammable things like matches, candles, or any other flame as they caught fire with broken gas lines.
- Never use elevators as they may sick
- If some one is in the running car, he/she must stop the car and stay inside until the earthquake stops

Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017


id-dul-fitr or eid is one of the greatest festivals of muslims. it is celebrated to mark the end of ramadhan. eid is a arabic word meaning "festivity" while fitr means "breaking the fast". it was during the month of ramdhan that holy quran was revealed to prohpet mohammed. it is celebrated all over the world by muslims.
the muslims fast during the month of ramdhan. at the end of the month, eid is celebrated with feast. for muslims, the festival of id-ul-fitr is occasion of showing gratitude to god and remembering him.

muslims all over the world make great preparations for the festival of id-ul-fitr . all muslims buy new clothes. when the new moon is seen just after the fast of thirty days, the next day eid is declared. all look very happy. on tis day r=they make up very early in the morning,  clean their teeth, have a bath and wear rhe best of clothing which one possesses and also apply prefume.
eid prayer is performed in open areas like fields, community centers, etc. or at mosques, after the prayers, muslims visit thier relatives and friends. on eid gifts

the controversy of facebook

so you have face book..?? this can be easily heard from now days teenagers to adults, especially for those live in big cities, when Mark Zuckerbeg crated face book in 2004, he had no idea how big it would actually become, and how big a debate the pros and cons of face book would spark. it seems that every body is required to have a face book account if they want to exist in a real life. so that so..??
in simple terms, face book is a social networking website where each user joins the community and connects with their friends virtually. connected members can share information, pictures, videos and also use the face book instants messenger facility. a member creates a profile and uploads anything he/she wants, and all his connected friend can view this data at any time, as a consequence, people who like face book can spend hours on it browsing through other people's profiles.

to balance out the advantages, there are bound to be some cons of face book as well. face book users will get bombarded with unwanted friend request from many unknown people. your friends and family members will be able to snoop around and know what is happening in your life at all times.

while face book appears entertaining and fun, there is a lot of danger in regards to personal data being retrieved, compromised, and exploited. not to mention that you will witness uncessary dramatization of unimportant occurrences in your friends lives. moreover, you will waste many hours because face book is addictive for most people.

however, you will also can use face book for business purposes as many people like to advertise their work on this medium in the hope that a potential client or employer may see it. many advertisers and companies also use face book as an advertising medium since there is a large base of people to target here.

there pros and cons of face book for kids  and adults mean that face book is "double edged sword", and you have to make a decision about joining face book. even if you are a member, there is no compulsion to share information every single day, and you can also choose to share only selected information. all this means that face book is synonymous with the internet in the sense that it can be useful or disruptive, only if you allow it to be.


tourism as an industry has been travelling with the wild pace of technological advancements and aboard are people from different places and cultures interacting with inceasing ease..... since , the globe had been shrunk into a village

unlike our predecessors, we can affordably and in a shorter time travel across the world in large numbers comparatively safe. tourism being on of the biggest and fastest growing industries globally, its benefits and the challenges, keenly observed by goverments affects the economic, socio cultural, environmental and educational resources of nations.

the positive effect of tourism  on a country's economic include the growth and development of various industries directly linked with a healthy tourism industry, such as transportation, accommodation, wiildlife, arts and entertainment.things brings about the creation of new jobs and revenue generated from foreign exchange, investments and payment of goods and services provided.

the nature of the world economy dictates that it's mostly people from developed nations who travel as tourist to the developing ones, much more than do people from developing nations visit as tourist the developed ones. this result in a downward stream of cultural influences that in cases have proven to be detrimental, as they were not in cohesion with the environment, economy and culture.

the environment can be greatly affected by tourism in cases where the attraction is a vista of nature's beauty, visits of people in large numbers could mean huge amounts of treading and pollution of material such plastic,waste, bottles, which in the long run could be disruptive to the habitats of both faunal and floral life.

in the guest to provide facilities for tourism the environment has been affected in other ways, large hotels and  other facilities for tourism and like consume large amounts of power in their guest to provide a long list of patrons with all the hip electronic comforts.

the tourism themselves face several difficulties in their quest for, journey and stay in these foreign lads, such as the sometimes tiring search for visas and the duration most places on stay permitted by host country. another is security, most places becauase  of frequent tourist visit have become targets for criminal activities such as kidnapping and terrorism

Jumat, 18 Agustus 2017

why humans need less sleep than other animals

Researches have been looking at the differences in sleep patterns between humans and other animals. now they have found out that humans need less sleep. but sleep better than other mammals 21 primate species were studied, including monkeys, chimpanzees and lemurs.

Human sleep is of higher quality. one of the big differences is the time we spend in rem sleep, a kind of intensive, deep sleep, in which we dream a lot.while, for example, monkeys spend only 5% of their total sleep in rem status, we humans reach 25%, the highest rate of any primate species. according to scientists, REM sleep is good for brain development.

We can get along with about 7 hours of sleep a day,while other primates need much more. lemurs, for example, can sleep for up to 17 hours while chimpanzees sleep around 11 hours a day.

Over millions of years of education our sleeping patterns have change. our ancestor, millions of years ago, could not sleep as deeply as we do. they had to spend most of their time in the wilderness and be aware of  enemies at all times. the first humans probably slept in trees, where they built plat forms to rest properly.

About 2 million years ago the homo Erectus left the trees. as they got heavier they started sleeping on the ground where they  gathered in groups around fires. they could sleep more deeply because they took turns protecting them self from enemies around them.

We could imagine that street lamps, computer screens and other forms of artificial lighting are responsible for people sleeping for shorter periods of time, but researches have found out that this is not necessarily true.
The report shows that hunters and gatherers in Africa and South America, who don't have that much access to electricity and artificial lighting, sleep even less than people in modern societies